Red, Yellow & blue

After Ne Me Quitte Pas, Et Après and C’est la Vie Isabelle Beernaert is presenting Red, Yellow & Blue. Every colour has its own story and emotion. Inspired on the three basis colours, Red, Yellow & Blue tells an extraordinary story with beautiful and striking choreographies that everyone can experience in their own way.

Red, Yellow & Blue inspires and surprises!

Isabelle Beernaert was inspired by the three primary colours red, yellow and blue. Colours, just as fragrances, are very personal. Based on personal experiences, every person has a preference for certain colours. Red, Yellow & Blue translates the three colours to love and the different emotions that are expressed through these colours: passion and anger, comfort and happiness, sadness and eternity. It is like a dream, travelling through the colours red, yellow & blue. Love is in essence the primary energy of all emotions in motion.

The Heartbeat by G. Roth The essence of love is found in expressing and letting go of true feelings. The romantic girl-boy-kind-of-love is only a small aspect of all that love contains; if you consider this as everything there is to say about love, you do such a thing as reducing an entire biography to one chapter, a puzzle to one piece or a music piece to one chord. Love is in essence the primary energy of all emotions in motion, from really feeling and responding on all situations that occur.


Januari 2014
17 Gent Capitole
18 Antwerpen Stadsschouwburg


November 2013
15 VEENENDAAL Theater De Lampegiet
17 SCHIEDAM Theater aan de Schie
19 ROTTERDAM nieuwe Luxor Theater
20 ROTTERDAM nieuwe Luxor Theater
21 ALPHEN AAN DEN RIJN Theater Castellum
22 ZAANDAM Zaantheater
23 DEN HAAG Lucent Danstheater
26 ZWOLLE Theater De Spiegel
27 AMERSFOORT Flint theater | evenementen | congressen
28 ROOSENDAAL Schouwburg De Kring
29 SNEEK Theater Sneek
30 GRONINGEN MartiniPlaza Theater
December 2013
1 TILBURG Theaters Tilburg (schouwburg)
3 BERGEN OP ZOOM Theater De Maagd
4 EINDHOVEN Parktheater Eindhoven
7 AMSTERDAM De Meervaart
9 UTRECHT Beatrix Theater
11 STEENWIJK Rabo Theater De Meenthe
12 ENSCHEDE Wilminktheater
13 VELDHOVEN Theater De Schalm
14 NIJMEGEN Stadsschouwburg
15 BARNEVELD Schaffelaartheater
17 STADSKANAAL Theater Geert Teis
19 DEN HELDER Schouwburg de Kampanje
20 VENLO Theater de Maaspoort
22 ALMERE Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland
27 GOUDA De Goudse Schouwburg
28 TIEL Schouwburg Agnietenhof
29 PURMEREND Theater De Purmaryn
Januari 2014
4 VEGHEL Theater de Blauwe Kei
14 DEN HAAG Lucent Danstheater
15 DRONTEN Theater de Meerpaal
16 ZOETERMEER Stadstheater

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